Marmite in Italy

Stop press: Marmite spotted in Italian supermarket. Read more…

Before getting onto the subject of where you can buy Marmite in Italy, I should first address the subject of why someone would want to buy Marmite in Italy. With all that incredible Italian food around, what is it about this strange substance, that almost nobody else likes, that causes British people to hanker after it so badly?

Expatriates in Italy seek out Marmite obsessionally: usually relatives bring it over for them. But when it runs out, as mine just has, despair can set in. This site attempts to locate all the sources to buy Marmite in Italy, attempts to explain just what it is that makes this strange yeast extract so appealing to British people, and offers some suggestions about how Marmite can be used.

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How to buy and use Marmite in Italy