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Mincemeat in Italy

OK, a non-Marmite post, though it does deal with some odd and frankly disturbing brown English food so I guess it fits in here.

Christmas is coming and I’m craving mince pies. Even Castroni, those overpriced purveyors of foreign muck with a scowl, doesn’t stock them. And of course mincemeat is not available in the ‘exotic’ section of the supermarkets (and why would it be – it’s a horrible substance if you stop and think about it). However, undeterred I decided to make my own. Continue reading Mincemeat in Italy

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Hello Kitty Toaster

What could be better than a Hello Kitty toaster when you’re making Marmite on Toast? It’s a regular toaster, albeit one with a picture of our friend Hello Kitty on the side. But inside is a clever plate that creates the image of Hello Kitty on your toast! Genius.

Hello Kitty toast

My one was given to me by my lovely friend Jutka for my birthday one year. It works best on white bread – in the picture here, this is a slice of bread I made myself.

Is it a bit childish and girly, I hear you ask. Well yeah it is. I’m a grown man and I think Hello Kitty’s cute – but in a postmodern, ironic way you understand. I’m secure with who I am. If you’re secure with who you are too, or you have kids, why not buy a Hello Kitty toaster yourself:

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