Cheesy Marmite Spaghetti

A recipe of dubious provenance from my friend Hanabanx in New Zealand*.


  • Spaghetti
  • Marmite
  • Cheese


Cook spaghetti, stir through beautiful black stuff, grate cheese on top, stuff face.

I haven’t tried this and suspect I might only do this with a very small amount, next time I’m home alone.

*Note she does not specify whether she used British Marmite (yum!) or New Zealand Marmite (yuck!). I will try to clarify.

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One thought on “Cheesy Marmite Spaghetti”

  1. I tried this yesterday — from a Nigella Lawson recipe that I found somewhere on the internet. It was DELICIOUS! I used parmesan cheese, not cheddar.

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