Where can I buy Marmite in Italy?

The good news first: yes, you can buy Marmite in Italy.

The bad news: it’s not cheap or easy to find, but it is available, and this site will tell you where you can buy it.

Marmite shops

If you  live in Rome, it is stocked in the Castroni chain of stores. They sell it in 125g and 250g sizes. The prices are outrageous though. At the time of writing the 125g pot was €4.50 and the 250g pot was €8.50.

Also in Rome are a few Asian stores around Piazza Vittoria. It’s a bit hit and miss whether you’ll find it there or not, but I’ve seen it on sale so shop around. I think the reason they sell it is that the main Marmite wholesaler in Italy, CMS Wholesale Company SRL, according to the Marmite website, is primarily an Asian food supplier.

Elsewhere in Italy there are a number of British food suppliers that sell Marmite, anywhere there is a high concentration of expatriates. Particularly in Tuscany. For example, Richmond’s English Food Suppliers in Viareggio – note that the first product they mention is Marmite! –


Here’s where it gets tricky. There are many places that sell Marmite to Italy, but very few seem to be in Italy – which means the prices are incredibly high and the shipping costs are worse. Also, if it goes by regular mail you will find yourself up against the notorious Italian postal service. Though I like to think of the horror that Marmite would inspire if stolen and eaten by a light-fingered postal worker.

Ebay.it has dozens of Marmite suppliers, mostly in the UK, who will ship to Italy. A random look at one listing there shows a cost of €4.45 for 125g (almost as much as Castroni), and a shipping cost of €6.90. That’s €11.35 for a jar or about 9c per gram. You’d have to really like Marmite to pay that much. The best bet on Ebay seems to be to buy a 600g catering pack, currently for sale at €10.80 with a shipping cost of €11.38, which works out to just under 4c a gram, and would probably keep you going for a few weeks at least.

Amazon.it does not seem to sell food at all – only books about Marmite – so forget that.

Then there are online expatriate food sellers. Some are in Italy, and some are elsewhere. A small sample from British Cornershop in the UK has a 125g pot on sale for £2.49 (at today’s exchange rate that’s a mere €3.15), but the shipping costs are a whopping £17.99 – nearly 21c a gram! I’m sure they expect a bulk order of other products, but for the purposes of this exercise, it’s not a good price.

Similarly the Little British Food Shop, which is in Le Marche in Italy, charges a reasonable €4.95 for 250g, but the minimum shipping charge is €10 for a 20kg box of food. The charge is prohibitive for a single jar, but quite reasonable if you’re here for a while and can build up a bulk order.

That’s it so far. I’ll continue to update this page as I find out more. If you know of any other sources for Marmite in Italy, please contact me and I’ll add them here.

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6 thoughts on “Where can I buy Marmite in Italy?”

  1. Just to inform you that in Florence there is a shop too, named OLD ENLGAND STORE, which sell Marmite and, as suggest by the name, many others english typical food, drink and dresses.
    Prices are “a little bit” though (the 125g pot is about €4.50 and the 250g pot is €8.50). It is in the center of the city.

  2. In Milan you can buy Marmite at normal prices at Kathay, which faces the piazza where trams stop beside Central Station. And peanut butter, maple syrup etc. It’s worth giving the expensive “British” stores a wide berth and venturing into small Middle Eastern/Asian/South American stores (of which there are many) randomly as you will find many products not easily available otherwise such as sweet potatoes.

    1. Thanks Mouse! I agree re. the Asian stores – I’ve found PG Tips, HP Sauce and so in them, for a fraction of the cost from the fancy delis.

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